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This Winged "Angel" was created to demonstrate a brand of Epoxy clay and it's ability to be used as a scultural material. The piece is built on a simple armature (a bent coat hanger) and some fiberglass matting was used in the wings... for the sake of exprimentation.


This somewhat sleepy looking hound-dog is also a demonstration of the Epoxy clay, though this one is intended to show a bit finer detail. Note the hair and eye detail is more involved than the previous sculpture.

One can see that the ears are broken, thats what I get for leaving it around... oddly enough, I think it makes the dog look more gruff and "seasoned"... a fighter.




Here's the Epoxy clay in action as an industrial modeling solution. This was a prototype for a new video toy. I used a set of drafted plans and worked hard to render the design faithfully... as one should in these cases.

Though the design progressed from here... this was a sucessful entry, featuring a hinged top and sturdy construction.

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